Toddlers – 2 años


This week, we have enjoyed an exciting activity involving nature at school, fostering curiosity and respect for animals. In sessions organized by age, we went to the gym to learn about a variety of animals. We discovered snakes, lizards, spiders, rabbits, millipedes, and even an owl. This captivating day demonstrated how much fun we have...
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Today we celebrated Thanksgiving with our preschool students, and it was a day full of creativity and learning! With enthusiasm and lots of imagination, we created crafts representing turkeys in various forms, thus showcasing our skills in fine motor development and creativity. We also talked about the importance of being grateful for our family, school,...
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Our Infant students had a great time celebrating St. Cecilia, the Day of Music. They used recycled materials to create different instruments, danced, and enjoyed the music. It has been a unique celebration full of fun and rhythm. Nuestros alumnos de Infantil lo pasaron genial celebrando Santa Cecilia, el Día de la Música. Usaron materiales...
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The little 2-year-old explorers are really enjoying the November project: «Emotions.» In our classroom this week, we engaged in a sensory installation session full of surprises. We discovered the wonders of playing with feathers, pompoms, cardboard… stimulating the senses in a creative way. Additionally, during this session, the students honed their fine motor skills by...
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Exploring Emotions in the 2-Year-Old Classroom! Our toddlers have embarked on the November project: Emotions. They’ve delved into the story ‘The Monster of Colors’ and engaged in various activities to nurture creativity, fine motor skills, and teamwork. In the gym, they played a game sorting colored balls, associating each color with an emotion, fostering discrimination...
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The Infants have enjoyed a lot preparing and celebrating Halloween. Today was a special tutor day; we played games, danced, painted, sang songs, and even had a parade down the hallway to see different costumes from other classes. These days, we were crafting decorations like skulls, ghosts, bats, and pumpkins to adorn the hallway. Today,...
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During this week, our 2-year-old students have been working on the number 1 in their classroom. Through games and activities, they have developed their fine motor skills while exploring their creativity. Furthermore, they worked on the concept and pre-writing of the number 1, strengthening their cognitive abilities. Durante esta semana, nuestros alumnos de 2 años...
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The infants are excited about the October project on autumn and Halloween. This week, during their project sessions, they have created crafts to decorate the hallways. The choice to make hedgehogs and murals with all the students from each class has been a success. Through these sessions, they have developed their creativity and fine motor...
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Today, the Infants enjoyed the celebration of Columbus Day. During their special tutor day, they explored the life of Christopher Columbus and the discovery of America through stories, songs, and crafts. We are delighted to see how our students continue to grow and learn together. Happy Columbus Day! Hoy, los alumnos de Infantil han disfrutado...
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This week, in our Toddlers class, we conducted an exciting installation session that allowed our 2-year-old students to explore and discover portraits and mirrors in their class. From the moment they walked into the classroom, they were drawn to the portraits of their peers. They approached with curiosity, finding images of their friends and their...
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