Kindergarten – 5 años


In the Infants, the magic of storytelling comes to life each month with the visit of the storytelling fairy. During these visits, «Departamento de Orientación» selects each story to address specific and relevant topics that resonate with the experiences and emotions of our students depending on the time of year we are in. This month,...
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Spring has spread its joy across our school, marking the beginning of the second term with a wave of enthusiasm among the Preschool students. Our little explorers are immersing themselves in a world of colors and learning with spring-inspired vocabulary, from the life cycle of plants to the awakening animals, every day is an opportunity...
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Once a term, ´Departamento de Orientación´ organizes a story workshop for the infants where, after listening to a story, they carry out an activity related to it. These workshops address topics related to emotions, conflicts, respect for others, inclusion, fears, frustration, etc., according to age. During this workshop, the following stories have been covered: ‘La...
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Today, our 5-year-old students enjoyed a visit to the Zoo Aquarium. In addition to being excited about going on a field trip, they experienced an educational adventure learning about the importance of conservation and respect for nature. Furthermore, to ensure a day full of energy and excitement, they had a picnic at lunchtime. A very...
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This week, our infant students have celebrated Saint Patrick’s Day in a very special way. We explored Irish culture by preparing various crafts inspired by the traditional shamrock, an iconic symbol of this holiday. Each age group, with great creativity and using different materials, created their own artwork, learning about the holiday while working as...
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In the Infants, we celebrated International Women’s Day in a very special and emotional way. With the goal of recognizing and valuing the important role that women play in our lives, we created a mural with photos that the students brought from home. These images represented significant women in their lives: cousins, mothers, friends, grandmothers,...
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At Wisdom School, our “lectoescritura” sessions for infan students turn into an exciting journey through the world of letters and words, where play and exploration take center stage. Through corners with various materials designed to stimulate fine motor skills, name recognition, pre-writing, and for the older ones, the first steps towards reading, we encourage active...
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At Wisdom School, creativity and learning go hand in hand. Our artistic installations for students aged 3, 4, and 5 years showcase how we encourage exploration and the development of essential skills at these ages. The 3-year-old students engaged in a world of colors and shapes, using hoops, balls, and colored bowls to classify, create...
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During the Valentine’s Day celebration, our infants have shown that love and creativity go hand in hand. With enthusiasm, they have created crafts that reflect their feelings towards the people they love most, using materials such as cardboard, finger paint, and paper plates. During these sessions, they developed their artistic skills and we delved into...
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This week has been especially colorful and creative, marked by the celebration of Carnival. Our young students created masks using materials such as stickers, finger paint, cardboard plates, feathers, and cardstock… each child unleashed their creativity, designing unique masks. Today, we all came in costumes and participated in a parade full of music and joy...
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