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In our exciting project this month, 5-year-old students are exploring the theme «All About Me and My School.» Developing fine motor skills, fostering creativity, and strengthening teamwork, they thoroughly enjoy the project sessions. Furthermore, we seize the arrival of autumn to enrich their learning with related crafts. This comprehensive approach not only introduces new vocabulary...
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The students in the four-year-old classes have had an exciting week with their new YoYo Phonics sessions. Through this method, we explore the phonetics of letters, laying the groundwork for understanding simple words. The first letter we’ve focused on is S, and the children have enjoyed listening to the story, learning the letter’s associated song,...
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This week, our 3-year-old students enjoyed exciting circuits during their P.E. sessions. Engaging in activities designed to enhance coordination and balance, they crawled, jumped through hoops, slid down slides, and made basketball shots. They also practiced motor skills by rolling on wheels and exploring their surroundings in a fun way, among other activities. These activities...
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This week, our little explorers from the 2-year-old classroom have lived incredible adventures in their psychomotor sessions. In the playground and in the classroom, they challenged their skills by navigating circuits. They practiced balance and coordination through crawling, jumped through hoops, and practiced walking on blocks. These experiences not only strengthen their bodies but also...
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Welcome to our blog! This week, we want to share with you what a typical day is like in our Kindergarten classes, our routines, and how we work together to learn and grow. Every morning, when we arrive in class, we all gather in the first session assembly. We see who’s here, review the days...
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Welcome to our exciting blog! In this first post, we want to take a look at our 4-year-old classrooms and share with all of you how we work and our daily routines. Every morning, when we arrive in class, we hang up our backpacks, take out our water bottles, open the blinds, and start our...
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Hello everyone and welcome to our blog! In this first post, we want to tell you about the day-to-day life in our preschool classrooms. Every day is an adventure filled with learning and fun, and we’re eager to share it with all of you. Our day begins with a first session before recess. When we...
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Welcome to our blog! We are thrilled to embark on this adventure where we will share the wonderful experiences we live every day in our 2-year-old classroom. In this first post, we want to tell you what a day is like in our 2-year-old class, our daily routine, where our little explorers discover, learn, and...
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Viviendo la Inmersión Lingüística: Alumnos del Wisdom School Experimentan la Vida en Irlanda Ocho Semanas de Aprendizaje Personalizado y Bilingüismo en el Corazón de Rosscomon Empieza el curso y nuestros estudiantes se embarcan en una aventura educativa sin igual: un Programa de Inmersión Lingüística de dos meses en Rosscomon, Irlanda. Este programa está diseñado no...
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  En Wisdom School Madrid, nos llena de orgullo anunciar que nuestros estudiantes de 2º de Bachillerato han cerrado con broche de oro esta etapa tan importante. Ha sido un camino lleno de retos y han demostrado que con esfuerzo y dedicación pueden alcanzar cualquier meta que se propongan. Hoy celebramos su graduación, un hito...
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